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    Order of Lenin, Type 6, Variation 2, #406263, with a document, awarded on 20 April 1971 to Hero of Socialist Labor Lev Vinogradov.

    Order of Lenin, Type 6, Variation 2, #406263, with a document, awarded on 20 April 1971 to Hero of Socialist Labor Lev Vinogradov.

    The medallion is in solid 23 K gold, platinum, and enamels; measures 44.9 mm in height (incl. eyelet), 38.3 mm in width; weighs 32.8 grams not including the suspension and connecting link. This is Type 4, Var. 1, Sub-variation A, according to V. Durov's classification in his "Order of Lenin. Order of Stalin" book (see pp. 94, 117, 121). It features engraved serial number with a raised underline located above the lower rivets. According to Durov, this particular specimen is from a relatively small 5000- piece series manufactured in 1967.

    The order is in excellent, near mint condition. The enamel is absolutely pristine, free of even microscopic flakes, scratchers, or any other wear. The golden wreath and platinum bas-relief are essentially perfect having only microscopic contact marks, no wear visible to the naked eye. The reverse is likewise perfect. Comes on original suspension device, a two-layer model in steel, with beautifully preserved original ribbon. The connecting link is original and hasn't been cut. This beautiful example of the Order of Lenin is about as close to being in mint condition as they come.

    The document is a standard issue Order Booklet filled- out on 10 May 1971. It contains only a single entry for the Order of Lenin awarded to Lev Vinogradov on 20 April 1971 but curiously, there is also a numeral 15547 added on the next line. We believe that the latter is the serial number of Vinogradov's Gold "Hammer and Sickle" Medal awarded on the same day when he was made a Hero of Socialist Labor. It is not too uncommon to see a Hammer and Sickle Medal omitted in the award document: after all, it literally says "Orders Booklet" on the cover and as such, it may appear that is should not contain entries for medals. It sometimes created a confusion among the clerks who issued order booklets. We have seen a few other similar cases when the Hero Medal was either not recorded at all (although the requisite "Large" and "Small" certificates were of course issued) or the medal was added later, almost as an afterthought. This usually happened on the periphery of the Soviet Union where authorities often did not have very much experience with top decorations. Based on ample information available online, the Order of Lenin and its document were undoubtedly issued to Vinogradov as a part of his Hero of Socialist Labor set. Just like the order, the document is in excellent, near mint condition.

    According to several Russian Internet sites, Lev Vinogradov was born in 1913 in Moscow. In 1940, he joined the Communist Party. He took part in the Patriotic War initially as commissar of a partisan unit and later, as commander of the Zhdanov Partisan Detachment of the Pervomayskaya Partisan Brigade in the Baranovichi Region of western Belorussia. An article on the Russian-language website states that the brigade operated under the name Pervomayskaya starting from May 1943. When it linked with the regular Red Army troops on 10 July 1944 (during the Soviet Bagration offensive that liberated Belorussia), the brigade consisted of several partisan detachment comprising a total of 627 guerilla fighters and support personnel; its Zhdanov Detachment, at the time numbering 166 partisans, was apparently the second largest in the brigade.

    After joining the Red Army, Vinogradov fought through the rest of the war as an infantry squad commander. Over the course of the war he earned several decorations including two Orders of the Patriotic War, Order of the Red Star and Medal for Valor. In 1946, he started a career as an engineer and industrial enterprise manager reaching the position of director of the Gaurdakskiy Sulphur Mining and Processing Enterprise in the Charjou (now Turmenabat) Region of eastern Tajikistan. Dating back to the mid-30s, the enterprise was a large and highly important source of Sulphur for the Soviet chemical industry; judging by the Hero of Socialist Labor award bestowed upon Vinogradov in 1971, it must have been considered very productive. Interestingly, in 1974, just a few years after its director received the highest Soviet title of recognition, the enterprise itself was awarded as well adding to its name an honorific title "(In Honor) of 50th Anniversary of Turkmen SSR." Vinogradov apparently remained at this post until his retirement in 1985. He was highly active in the political sphere as well: he was appointed as a delegate to the 24th and 25th Congresses of the Communist Party in Moscow (in 1971 and 1976, respectively) and elected to the Supreme Soviet (legislative government) of Soviet Turkmenistan in 1975 and 1980.

    Item# 35024


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