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     Home > SOVIET BADGES > KGB, Police and MVD School Badges
    KGB, Police and MVD School Badges
    $5,900.00 Rudzutak Advanced Training School for the Security Command Personnel of the Roads of Transportation (Railroads), 3rd Graduation Class, #26, 1928 issue. A beautiful, very elaborately designed piece in hallmarked silver and enamels of literally Faberge quality. In excellent condition.
    A very small number of these badges were ever issued and only a few are known to exist today. Many of the high level state security / law enforcement officers who had graduated from the Rudzutak School became victims of purges during the 30s. An arrest of the original owner usually led to the badge being confiscated and destroyed. Incidentally, Rudzutak himself was arrested, tortured and executed in 1938 thus making him an "enemy of the people" - and making ownership of the badge bearing his name a very risky proposition!

    $175.00 Institute of International Relationships (IMO) graduate badge, pin back version, circa late 1970s-80s. The school was an elite establishment whose graduates went on to occupy coveted positions in the Soviet Diplomatic Corps. Many graduates were KGB and GRU officers slated for service abroad. In excellent condition.

    $290.00 MID (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Diplomatic Corps Academy, graduate badge, 1974-1991. Exclusive higher education academy for espionage agents and children of Soviet elite. The badge is of beautiful quality and in excellent condition.

    $40.00 MVD Academy Graduate badge, 1974 - 1991. Nice quality piece with Leningrad Mint logo. In excellent condition.

    $35.00 Highest Course of Studies at the MVD Academy, graduate badge, circa 1970s-80s. Excellent condition.

    $70.00 Omsk Higher Police School, Tumen Campus, graduate badge, circa late 1970s - mid 1980s. Scarce badge in excellent condition.

    $30.00 Higher MVD School Graduate badge, 1978 - 1991. In excellent condition, although the screw post is slightly reduced. Comes with original mint marked screw plate.

    $25.00 Law College (Yuridicheskoe Uchilische) graduate badge, 1960s-70s. Nicely made piece in gilded aluminum and "hot baked" enamel. This badge was usually issued to policemen who graduated from ССШМ ("SSShM" or Special Police High School). Excellent condition.

    $20.00 MVD Highest Political Academy, commemorative badge, 1970s-80s.

    $25.00 MVD Highest Political Academy (VPU), graduation or commemorative badge, screw back version in brass, circa 1960s- 70s. In excellent condition.

    $35.00 MVD Highest Political Academy (VPU), graduation or commemorative badge, uncommon pin back version in brass, circa 1970s. In very fine to excellent condition.

    $20.00 Ryazan Highest School of MVD, commemorative badge, circa 1970s.

    $20.00 Novosibirsk MVD Military School, First Graduation Class commemorative badge, 1974.

    $25.00 Moscow Police School, graduation or commemorative badge, 1970s-80s. In excellent condition.

    $30.00 25th Anniversary of Moscow Police School, commemorative badge, 1974.

    $120.00 25th Anniversary of the Order of the Red Banner Dzerzhinsky KGB Academy (VKSh), commemorative badge, 1977. In near mint condition.

    $10.00 40th Anniversary of Tallin Police School, circa 1984. Excellent condition.

    $35.00 50th Anniversary of the Omsk Highest Police Academy, commemorative badge. An attractive piece featuring classic Soviet "shield and sword" design. In very fine to excellent condition.

    $25.00 50th Anniversary of the MVD Academy, 1979. Excellent condition.

    $35.00 Center for Exchange of New Expertise, USSR MVD Headquarters, mid 1970s. Brass, enamels, fine quality.

    $25.00 Student Science Club of the Gorkiy MVD Academy, membership badge, 1970s.

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